Norden Brand Design


Design a complete branding strategy for the German design studio, Norden.

Package requirements


Six designers presented their own brand proposal to the studio co-founders, Anna and Johann. This proposal was chosen to serve as the face of their company and I worked with them for two more months to extend and implement their brand.

Norden is German for north. In Anna and Johann's own words, the Norden brand represents Nordic aesthetics: simple and functional, with thoughtful consideration for material and color.

With material and north in mind, I created a brand that was based on an isometric grid. The isometric grid is to the designer as graph paper is to engineers and college-ruled paper is to writers.

In addition, the Norden website is designed to highlight their work by abstracting the concept of the grid used in the brand. The website itself is set up as a grid, with only one part in focus. The website can be navigated → ← ↑ ↓, giving a subtle peek at what comes next, while focusing on the current content.