The Book of Health


Issued by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the challenge is to create a universal healthcare record to accurately track a child's immunization schedule and save lives.




Full Proposal


The Book of Health is a design proposal for a universal healthcare record. Its goal is to save lives by making doctors, caretakers, and children active agents in the child's immunization schedule and healthcare.

Some pain points of the current system are:

  1. Mothers may be illiterate, unable to distinguish between one vaccine or another.
  2. There is no place on the record to indicate date of next vaccination, so health worker may write it in the ‘date of vaccination’ column, causing errors and confusion later on.
  3. When the child turns five, the mother believes vaccinations are finished and loses the card or disposes of it too early. It’s not available for surveys and it’s not available for giving boosters.

With those pain points in mind, we believe that a successful personal medical booklet should follow the following design guidelines:

  1. Communicate the need for vaccinations to build habitual tracking of personal health.
  2. Be legible and easy to interpret by taking advantage of basic visual literacy and using graphical visualizations.
  3. Have flexible data input forms to meet the needs of the child, caregiver, doctor, and government surveyor.
  4. Be easy to archive using existing technology such as webcam or mobile camera and scanner.

The centerpiece of the Book of Health is the vaccination schedule that relies on a common visual language to create a simple data visualization that reduces errors. The scantron-like pattern adds to the ease of archival and transitioning into digital records through existing mobile camera technology.