Bloc Student Outcomes Tracker


Identify and surface the leading indicators of student success.

Skills exercised

Product Designer
Product Manager

Outcomes Team

2016 Q2

After 3 years of educating thousands of students, one of Bloc's competitive advantages is the data we collect on students throughout their program. We have conviction on what factors contribute to student success, and we found an opportunity to surface those indicators in order to produce outcomes more consistently.

Measures of success

By surfacing leading indicators on the student profile page, we expect to see improvement in these lagging indicators:

Identifying the leading indicators of student success

I primarily partnered with the Career Services Lead to identify the bottlenecks in his process when determining whether a student is on track or not. The Career Services Lead had spreadsheets that kept track of students nearing graduation, with data updated manually.

Mappping out his entire workflow, we found the top 3 pain points, and its relationship to the student journey:

Design explorations

After a few explorations of redesigning the entire student profile page, I landed on adding a linear outcomes tracker, which reflects a roadmap of the milestones we expect students to hit throughout their student journey.

I put the mockup into a prototype, and got some feedback from stakeholders.

Refinement and shipping iteratively

With the user interface refined based on feedback, I also worked with the Tech Lead to plan out how we will ship this feature. We broke each segment of the tracker into its own task. This allowed us to distribute tasks to allow the engineers to work in parallel. This was important because not all of the data was readily available in the Bloc database and there were other tasks that needed to be prioritized to get the data into the platform.

To assist with development, I prototyped the frontend and how it would look throughout all the different phases as the feature shipped.


It is always difficult to figure out the direct impact on lagging indicators, but immediate effects we saw were:

Future work

Over the next few months, we also identified additional opportunities for improvement: