Bloc Checkpoint & Assignment Submissions


Encourage feedback and consolidate actions in one place.

Design Methods

Product Designer

Outcomes Team

2015 Q4

From the dashboard project, we knew that reviewing and responding to assignments in a timely manner was one of the highest-leverage things a mentor could do in order to ensure a student stays on track. Unfortunately, our current assignment review system did not allow mentors to give the students feedback for improvement on a submission.

A discussion with our full-time mentors at the time identified the following pain points:

Submitting an Assignment (Student)
Reviewing Submissions (Mentor)
Approving Submissions (Mentor)

Design Goal
Based off of the list of pain points, the biggest change that we made was add a "Request Revision" flow to the checkpoint review process. Inspired by peer-reviews and design critiques, the new flow allows mentors to push students past their boundaries.