2015–Present: Bloc

2017 · Project Owner (Ask me)

Student Onboarding: Improve new student engagement & preparedness

2016~ongoing · Project Owner (Ask me)

Quizzes: Deliver fast feedback loops on a student’s technical mastery

2015 · Lead Product Designer

Assignment Submissions: Ensure a standard quality of work before approval

2015 · Lead Product Designer

Mentor Dashboard: Effectively manage student rosters of 1–50

2015 · Lead Product Designer

Annotations: Improve recall and comprehension with active note-taking

Feb 2017 · Ran my first professional design jam

My version of a Design Sprint: ~The Best Parts.~ I ran a 2-hour session, split over 2 days, with 6 participants (engineering and product).

Dec 2016 · Submitted my first pull request

I got frustrated trying to prioritize tickets related to typos and broken links—so I figured out how to do it myself!

Oct 2016 · Tech Talk on Design Heuristics

Per the request of the engineering team, I give a little talk where we evaluate how well we apply the principles of good design to our own product. We publish all our talks for the benefit of the students.

Jun 2016 · UXPA article on Designing for Learning

I share some of the lessons learned at Bloc about designing for a high-touch, online educational experience.

Apr 2016 · SNDSF Panel on Unconcious Bias in Design

I had the privilege of giving a lightning talk with @ohmgee and @toryhargro on our responsibilities as designers to represent and promote diversity in the work we create.

Jan 2016 · Champions of the first Bloc hackathon

I worked with the marketing team to create a demo experience for prospective students, proving you don't need to be an engineer to prototype great ideas.

Dec 2015 · Honored to be Quora Top Writer 2016

After ending my 6-year tenure in design and academia, I committed to share as much as I learned about the design education system as possible. My effort was noted by Quora and I got to go to a meetup with folks way cooler than I.

May 2015 · Teaching the team affinity diagramming

As a research assistant and grad student, I had the opportunity to hone my classical human-centered design processes. I'm always down to spread the love for robust, qualitative research methods.


2014 · Interactive Data Visualization

Databall: Leverage physiological data to make informed game decisions

2014 · UX Intern

Google Fiber: Increase mobile sign-up conversions for rollout in new cities

2013–2014 · HCI InfoVis Research

Plexlines: Identify signs of autism in children using behavioral visualization

2013–2014 · Service Design

HackIllinois 2014: Launch an inclusive 1,000+ person hackathon

2013 · Healthcare Informatics

Book of Health: Save lives by visualizing children's healthcare history

2013 · Branding

Norden: Comprehensive brand strategy for a new German design studio

Mar 2015 · Left grad school to build with Bloc

I discover the opportunity make direct impact at the intersection of design × learning, and join Bloc to further design & computer science education.

Nov 2013 · Presented first research paper at VAHC DC

With a new appreciation for academic research, I apply for grad school and enroll in University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering program, starting Fall 2014.

Jan 2013 · Third Place for Blue Button Healthcare Design Challenge

A 3-day design sprint turns into an award! My love for the work that comes out of hackathons and design jams grows.

Apr 2011 & Apr 2012 · Organized 2 portfolio reviews for 50+ graphic design students

I get very good at event planning.

Nov 2011 · Co-Founded Design for America at Illinois

Bringing together folks from various fields that genuinely just want to make a positive difference in humanity.

2009–2011 · Thankful for my first design jobs in print

Before I even knew “UX” was a thing, I picked up many odd jobs in traditional media, giving me an appreciation for typographic excellence and InDesign.