Present: Actively seeking new opportunities in product management

November 2018 · Data Visualization

ESSA Challenge: Visualizing per-pupil expenditure to ensure equitable spending

Nov 2018 · Served as Poll Worker for mid-term elections

Managed 2 clerks, helping over 400 individuals vote in one of the busiest precints in San Francisco. I also reflected on what I saw to be the biggest opportunities for improvement →

2017–2018: Pact Insurance

2017-2018 · Design Lead

Personalized auto insurance: Taking a new startup from zero to launch

2015–2017: Bloc

2017 · Product Owner

Student Onboarding: Improve new student engagement & preparedness

2016~2017 · Product Owner

Quizzes: Deliver fast feedback loops on subject mastery

2016 · Lead Product Designer

Tracking Student Outcomes: Surfacing the leading indicators of student success

2015 · Lead Product Designer

Assignment Submissions: Ensure a standard quality of work before approval

2015 · Lead Product Designer

Mentor Dashboard: Effectively manage student rosters of 1–50

Jul 2017 · Co-author of SparQs (HCI International)

More on my research interests: data visualization × sociobehavioral communication. Part of my work at UW. Read paper here →

Feb 2017 · Ran my first professional design jam

My version of a Design Sprint (The Best Parts) 🌟. I ran a 2-hour session, split over 2 days, with 6 participants (engineering and product).

Dec 2016 · Submitted my first pull request

I'm not saying designers need to code. I just wanted to fix typos, styles, and broken links myself.

Jul 2017 · Co-author of Plexlines (AMIA)

A lesson on "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again." The cumulation of my research from 2014. See the project here →

Oct 2016 · Tech Talk on Design Heuristics

Per the request of the engineering team, I give a little talk where we evaluate how well we apply the principles of good design to our own product. Published for our students.

Jun 2016 · UXPA article on Designing for Learning

I share some of the lessons learned at Bloc about designing for a high-touch, online educational experience.

Apr 2016 · SNDSF Panel on Unconcious Bias in Design

I had the privilege of giving a lightning talk with @ohmgee and @toryhargro on our responsibilities as designers to represent and promote diversity in the work we create.

Dec 2015 · Quora Top Writer

After 6 years of formally studying design, I committed to share as much as I learned about the design education system as possible. My effort was noted by Quora and I got to meet up with folks way cooler than me.

Pre-2015: HCI × Graphic Design

2014 · Interactive Data Visualization

Databall: Leverage physiological data to make informed game decisions

2014 · UX Intern

Google Fiber: Increase mobile sign-up conversions for rollout in new cities

2013–2014 · HCI InfoVis Research

Plexlines: Identify signs of autism in children using behavioral visualization

2013–2014 · Service Design

HackIllinois 2014: Launch an inclusive 1,000+ person hackathon

2013 · Healthcare Informatics

Book of Health: Save lives by visualizing children's healthcare history

2013 · Branding

Norden: Comprehensive brand strategy for a new German design studio

Mar 2015 · Left grad school to build with Bloc

I join Bloc to further design & computer science education, working at the intersection of design × pedagogy.

Jan 2013 · Third Place for Blue Button Healthcare Design Challenge

A 3-day design sprint turns into an award! My love for the work that comes out of hackathons and design jams grows.

Apr 2011 & Apr 2012 · Organized 2 portfolio reviews for 50+ graphic design students

I get very good at event planning.

Nov 2011 · Co-Founded Design for America at Illinois

Bringing together folks from various fields that genuinely just want to make a positive difference in humanity.

2009–2011 · Thankful for my first design jobs in print

Before I even knew “UX” was a thing, I picked up many odd jobs in traditional media, giving me an appreciation for typographic excellence and InDesign.